Welcome to myCMS Responsive ver: 5.20170516

      myCMS is not meant to rival Wordpress, Joomla or any other content management system, its just as powerful but minimalist, keeping things much more simple and still allowing you to manage your entire website directly from your browser. You can upload new pictures, edit web pages, start a blog, change anything you want just by browsing your webpages or blog entries and making changes on the fly.


  • Content management system (blog and/or website)
  • Template driven or full customization
  • Powerful administration panel control
  • Add and edit blog entries or pages to your website or blog
  • Website or blog Preview.
  • Hits counter.
  • Anti-spam function.
  • Upload files to your server without using a FTP client.
  • Fully customizable CSS.
  • Validates XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
  • Optmized for search engines.
  • Optional plugin modules.
  • New HTML Responsive Design.


      HTTP Server (apache, WII, ect...)
      Perl 5.x.x or higher.


      myCMS orignated back in 1997 when I was in need of a way to update website pages without physically updating each one by one. The orignal script only allowed you to do small updates and actually opened each page, updated and then saved the page again.
      By the year 2005 myCMS script was huge and very outdated, so the entire script was re-coded into something much more elegant and functional. Still myCMS needed to be a little more like the bigger content management systems but without being too big or complicated.
      Using what I have seen through out the years in other CMS's, then implementing them into myCMS and ended up with a mix of features we now see in myCMS and always keeping it as simple as possible.

      Regards Hitman


      responsive Responsive.
      captcha Add Captcha.
      menu bug Fix menu bug.
      plugins Implement Plugins.
      chat system Website chat system.
      members area Password protected members area.
      multi language Multiple language support.
      sql support Add SQL support.